Stylish Pay invoice online button for Saasu

To enhance user experience Sassu enhanced its services by adding online payments to system. Customers now can pay their invoices online with  BraintreeeWay and Stripe. With that recent update we have received request for View and Pay invoice online link customisation to match Sassu client theme look and feel.

Solution for that is very simple, yet effective.

To make it more appealing and visible for customers a graphic button can be used for that online payment link. An example of such graphic button is displayed below.


Right click and choose save as to use it for your invoice.

For link activation you’ll need to use following html code

<a href="{Url.ViewTransaction}"> <img alt="" src="{Image.Url}paynow-saasu.png" width="150" /> </a>

(custom pay now button can be uploaded to your Sassu account as it’s described in the following article – after button is uploaded don’t forget to select your logo back)

Our starting point would be Sassu’s online invoicing guideline published on their website. We’ll be following first steps from that guideline and take following merge field {Url.ViewTransaction} from step 3. That will generating a link to our payment gateway inside the invoice.
In step number 4 you’ll paste above code into Payment, notes and Other information section under your invoice template screen as it’s shown in image below:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.51.20

Click save and your PDF invoice will now generate nicely styled button. Result of the styled pay now button can be seen in the picture below:

Pay Now

Any help needed with customisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you with customisation. For matching your theme colours please find colour variations of Pay now button shown below. You can use them for your invoices.

paynow-saasu-black paynow-saasu-blue paynow-saasu-gray paynow-saasu-green paynow-saasu-red